The Polish Ambassador

Flashback to 2011 when I took these photos of The Polish Ambassador, visual artist Liminus and Mochipet.





Point Bonita Lighthouse

Photography and Creative Direction:

Sya Warfield


Jessica Cooke and Paul Shinichi

Glided Ghost-1189

Social Media Campaign

I recently teamed up with the stylists at Hairetics Salon in San Francisco to photograph their Spring/Summer 2015 social media campaign.

It was such a honor to work with a very talented creative team ☆

Heather Jordan, Lisa Swiss, Britany Madoski
Dusty Paik
Sya Warfield

Self Portraits

Self portraits are my way of practicing storytelling and lighting techniques. They can be very time consuming.  Keeping in mind details regarding the light, especially if I have multiple flashes firing, making sure the focus is really sharp and of course being the model.

I always start with a tripod, my DSLR, probably my 24-70 L series lense and a vision of the story I intend to tell.  I let the creative process gain momentum and guide me; the story unfolds.

For example, when I was on a road trip last summer we pulled over to snap a few photos of  Mono Lake at a distance and our car got stuck in the sand for several hours.  We also had a tire blowout while I was driving on the freeway in Montana.  I let the guys do the work while I documented these gorgeous stories as they presented themselves.








Artistic collaboration

Artistic collaboration with author Sadako Tchaikovskaya and her husband, music producer Ill Gates. Sadako created these stunning pieces in post production.

Photos by Sya Warfield






Bold is Beautiful for Benefit Cosmetics

What a gorgeous and inspiring event to photograph.
Benefit Cosmetics hosted Bold is Beautiful at The Lodge room located inside of The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  Empowering big dreams and bold moves for women.
2015-05-15 13.10.49